We specialized in the followings, amongst others:
• Automotive Lubricants: We will provide an environment friendly lubricants with a proven capability to help provide maximum engine protection for all passenger cars, vans, light trucks and all wheel drives
• Car Care and Additives: We will build teams of experts that will formulate world class car care additives, for both vehicles with diesel fuel and gasoline fuel, radiator additives, transmission additives, cooling etc.
• Industrial Lubricants: We will formulate an industrial lubricant that will help in enhancing machines productivity while delivering premium performance
• Greases: We will build experts that will formulate variety of automotive and industrial greases which can be used in automotive and industrial bearings

In undertaking the above, we employ modern management tools and techniques which include but not limited to the following:
 Business Process Re-engineering
 Total Quality Management
 Value Engineering
 Cost – benefit Analyses
 Economic Value Analysis

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